The ultimate skincare products are made of pure mulberry silk

The ultimate skincare products are made of pure mulberry silk

By Alessandra Zappaterra

The ultimate skincare products are made of pure mulberry silk

I’ve always been super fan of skincare products since I was young. I remember my grandma bringing me in a very posh perfumery in the centre of Milan where they had perfumes and products from all over the world, especially skincare and anti wrinkles items. I was fascinated by those creams and serums and, as the time passed, I started to take care of my skin in a very accurate way. 

Living in big city like Milan and, later, Hong Kong, my skin has always been stressed by pollution, UV rays and slightly contaminated water. In fact, when I moved to Hong Kong, I realized I had to change something in my daily skin and hair care; I decided creams and face masks were not enough. That’s the moment when I decided to read more about pure fabric and, finally, I chose silk.

Silk, compared to cotton and linen, the other two natural fibers we have been using for years, has highly superior properties.

First of all, it allows the skin and the hair to slip during nighttime movements while the thicker and coarser cotton releases anti aesthetic marks on the face and small expression wrinkles.

Pure and Natural silk contains 18 amino acids that contribute to the balance of our skin. This is why silk hypoallergenic pillow case are recommended for healthy hair and skin.

In addition to this factor, silk retains moisture better and, especially for those with dry skin, is the best solution. In fact, without changing our daily routine related to skincare, we will realize that silk absorbs much less the products we use before going to bed on our face and body as well as not retaining bacteria which, instead, happens if we use the classic cotton pillowcases.

That’s why some skincare brands started formulating anti aging and anti eczema creams and serums by using cocoons from the Bombyx mori silkworms.

silkworms cocoon

Regarding hair, however, among the advantages of the continuous use of silk satin pillowcases there is for sure the less chance of split ends. Thanks to its smooth texture, silk prevents hair breakage that often occurs during the night.

But not just that, cotton often causes knots and tangles in the hair that we have to untangle every single morning. Silk, on the other hand, thanks to its composition and its softness, prevent hair from suffering electrostaticity and entanglement.

mulberry tree

Having very long hair, I have personally experienced the benefits of silk pillowcases and I can say that my hair has helped a lot. Give a try to mulberry silk pillowcases and you won’t regret it!



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