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How can we check the quality of a pure silk bedding set? Here I’m explaining you how to recognize better quality silk!

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Sometimes you will have noticed that not all fabrics are the same. Often we happen to touch two types of pure silk scarves, for example, and realize that their weight and texture are not the same.

Why is this happening? Because every natural fabric has a weight that can vary depending on how it was made. In cotton, for example, the "number of threads" factor is greater, while for silk, this unit of measurement is called "momme".

A product with a greater number of momme is a product with a higher number of threads has been used; therefore it is a more resistant and luxury product.

For mulberry bedding set, the type of silk which is normally used can vary from 19 to 22 momme because this kind of products should keep their quality after frequent washings and use.

Therefore, the silk used for evening dresses, such as organza, chiffon or crepe de Chine, will have a much lower weight than that used for our products. For organza you go from 4 to 6 momme; for chiffon, from 6 to 8 and for the crepe de chine, from 12 to 16. 

For our silk satin pillowcases and luxury silk bedding sets, only 22 momme mulberry silk is used. This makes our products more resistant and luxurious than a lighter silk.

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But how to deal with the maintenance of such a delicate and natural product for a long time? Now we will explain to you how to wash and maintain the beauty of your sheets.

Normally the silk should be dry-cleaned but in our case, I will reveal a secret to you: you can also wash it in the washing machine using the delicate cold program or at most 30 degrees. Obviously you can always bring your pure silk bedding set to the laundry to ask for dry cleaning but for those who want to save time and money, they can easily do it themselves at home.

For what concerns ironing, it is advisable to use a low temperature. My grandmother, a great expert in this field, was used to put a clean cloth as a shield between iron and silk. In short, you must be more careful but, considering the benefits of this wonderful fabric, it's certainly worth it.

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