The Brand

La Blonde Gitane is a textile brand based on mulberry silk created and based in Hong Kong. 


Every product for home, from pure silk bedding sets to colored silk satin pillow cases, has a linear and harmonious design, perfect for a luxurious and elegant flat.



Being a small brand, our items are produced exclusively with the best quality silk and the production is followed step by step by Alessandra, our owner and director.

Alessandra moved to Hong Kong from Milan in 2018. After working 15 years for a training agency in Italy, she started studying Social Media platforms and worked as a social media in Hong Kong for local brands. Passionate about old school tattoos and fabric, she designed, together with the italian tattoo artist Max Brain, a collection of Kimonos enriched by embroideries. 


The italian fashion style, together with the most pure silk from China, bring to La Blonde Gitane, the perfect blend for high-end products 



Photo credits:

Urban pictures and portraits: Michaela Giles Photography

Still life and interiors: Stefano Campo Antico Photography