Why choosing mulberry silk pillowcases?

Why choosing mulberry silk pillowcases?

By Alessandra Zappaterra

Why choosing mulberry silk pillowcases?

Sleeping at least 8 hours per night, besides being extremely important for health, is also important for beauty for many reasons. The first is that during our sleep, the skin cells renewed more quickly because we are hiding from the UV rays. The second reason is that collagen is more produced at night and, last, is that while we sleep, the skin is more receptive to the cosmetic treatments. That's why we have to choose pure and natural fabric.
But why choosing the most luxury silk bedding set?
Let's start talking about silk in ancient times. Historians say that the birth of silkworm breeding is due to the Chinese empress Xi Ling Shi even though, probably, silk processing was known in China as early as 3000 BC. The mulberry silk garments that were reserved for Chinese emperors became part of the wardrobe of the richest social class, becoming a high luxury item extended to the areas reached by Chinese merchants for their qualities of lightness and beauty.
In fact, it may seem unbelievable, but silk has real benefits on the skin, especially if it is used for a long time.
Being a natural fiber, it contains the body's essential amino acids to protect the skin and has the ability to expel unwanted substances and reduce the potential accumulation of allergens such as bacteria, fungi and mites. Silk can therefore be considered a hypoallergenic fabric.


mulberry silk beddings

Using silk satin pillowcases and sheets, our skin, without changing the skincare routine, will be softer and smoother. This is because silk retains moisture better and, especially for those who have dry skin, this is a real blessing.
But silk is also important for our hair, damaged day after day by too much washing, bleaching and humidity.
The friction of the hair on the cotton pillow, for example, can make crepe every type of hair, especially the most stressed and subjected to continuous treatments. Pure silk pillowcase, on the other hand, greatly reduces frictions while protecting the hair structure.
I also read about silkworm cocoon coming from Japan that are used as a face cleanser. It's a 100% natural way to clean before going to sleep and it's very helpful because it takes advantage of the qualities of pure silk, like the two fibrin and sericin proteins.  
Sericin is a protein that is very similar to keratin that make up our skin and our hair. Specifically, on one hand, sericin is able to fix water on the skin surface, on the other it creates a protective veil that reduces dehydration. 
In short words? Using silk day by day gives more beautiful, hydrated, healthy and shiny hair and skin. What else?

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