Fight Sleep wrinkles with hypoallergenic silk pillowcase!

Fight Sleep wrinkles with hypoallergenic silk pillowcase!

By Alessandra Zappaterra

Fight Sleep wrinkles with hypoallergenic silk pillowcase!

Have you ever heard about sleep wrinkles? I have to admit that, before turning 30, I’ve never heard about! this happen because, when we are young, we don’t think about aging or wrinkles. We believe we will always be young and beautiful and wrinkles are just a far away matter.

I always took care of my skin since I was 25 but, after turning 30, I realized my skin was getting different, less elastic and I decided to learn more about how to face wrinkles.

My skincare started to be more accurate and I chose specific products for my face and body but, every morning, I found some lines on my face: the infamous sleep wrinkles.

Those fault lines may be due to skin distortion resulting from facial expression or may be due to skin distortion from mechanical compression during sleep. Expression wrinkles and sleep wrinkles differ in etiology, location, and anatomical pattern. Compression, shear, and stress forces act on the face in lateral or prone sleep positions. (1)

So it seems that, if we sleep on one side or facedown, we can see many lines on our face and décolleté the day after. That’s why the right position to avoid these lines would be sleeping face-up. But how? It’s very difficult to get used to sleep in a position we are not familiar with!

Silk pillowcase

The solution would be buying a hypoallergenic silk pillowcase and beddings. These silk pillowcase are good for acne and hair and, in general, for our skin.

In fact, silk avoids mechanical friction and irritation that we experience during the night and it maintain the proper moisture level of the skin preventing skin from drying. Furthermore, silk has a smooth and slippery texture it will avoid the formation of anti-aesthetic sleep wrinkles that the night could give us.

As we said before, silk pillowcase are good for hair as well. Silk also reduces the friction of the hair on the pillow preventing hair from breaking and weakening. So, give a try to these silk pillowcase for hair and skin! You won’t regret it!

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