The most common mistakes we make in our daily routine  (and how to solve them)

The most common mistakes we make in our daily routine (and how to solve them)

By Alessandra Zappaterra

The most common mistakes we make in our daily routine  (and how to solve them)

Many times I hear complaints from friends and colleagues about their skin. There are those who feel it dry, those who feel it greasy, those who complain about acne and blackheads and do not know how to solve the problem. Sometimes, however, we don’t take proper care of our skin. Sometimes it could be for lack of time, laziness, haste and so on. Honestly, I can say we have to try to invest time when we remove our make up, as much as we spend time to get dressed and put our makeup on in the morning.

But which are the most frequent mistakes we make without realizing it?


  • do not wash the brushes we use to make up. Every day we should carefully clean the brushes and sponges that we use for make up. In this way we will remove all the impurities, dirt and residues of the past days. In this way, we will use a clean and bacteria-free brush every day


  • do not change the pillowcases every 2/3 days. Our pillowcases are a receptacle for dead cells, dust, make-up residues and impurities. Sleeping every night without thinking about changing the pillowcase often is a mistake that can cause acne, blackheads and marks on the face. In addition, many fabrics such as cotton and linen, even if organic, can create marks during the night (the famous sleep wrinkles) due to their harder and rougher texture. Our hypoallergenic silk pillowcase, on the other hand, solves this problem thanks to a soft and slippery texture and a surface that retains natural moisture quality in your skin. Silk pillowcases for acne can also help in this case… but remember to change them every 3 days!


  • drying your face with the same towel. Often we don't realize it, but having a towel for your face and one for your hands is a turning point. In fact, every time we wash our hands, we use detergents that do not have a 100% anti-bacterial action. This means that the towels we use to dry ourselves will contain bacteria and dead cells, as well as the dust that lurks in the tissues daily.


  • place the smartphone on your face. The smartphone is a receptacle for bacteria of the worst kind. If you think about it, it is used every day, often with dirty hands and, moreover, we put it everywhere: bar, toilet, gym etc. It would be better to use headphones or, however, clean the screen thoroughly every day with a disinfectant wipe.


  • smoking and alcohol. We all know that smoking and alcohol harm our body and increase the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases and tumors. Alcohol causes dehydration which leads to the loss of vitamins A and E, two antioxidants that have the function of slowing down the aging of the cells of the epidermis, promoting the onset of wrinkles. Smoke, on the other hand, causes a yellowish complexion making the capillaries more fragile. In addition, spots and blemishes appear more frequently such as wrinkles around the lips or pimples.


  • Take too long and hot baths. Excessive temperatures can dry the epidermis because they alter the hydrolipidic balance. The more we spend time immersed in high temperatures, the more likely it is to damage the first layer of the epidermis, causing burning and itching exactly like a slight sunburn. Therefore we have to pay attention to the frequency and duration of saunas and too hot baths.


  • do not clean your glasses daily. Just as with your smartphone, glasses also need daily. This could lead to annoying and unsightly blackheads and pimples


  • drink too much coffee. Coffee has the power to damage the collagen of the skin and therefore make it less elastic, decreasing the production of elastin. The lack of this substance generates wrinkles, dry and dull skin. Coffee contains benzoic acid, a toxic ingredient that requires glycine to be eliminated. The latter is the substance that builds and repairs collagen, proving to be fundamental for epidermal elasticity. This means that the more coffee you drink, the less glycine you make. And therefore the result is wrinkles, wrinkles and more wrinkles.


  • stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, stress and anxiety can generate real psychosomatic outbursts which, rather than the dermatologist, can solve the psychologist. To ease the tension I recommend yoga, pilates or mindfullness; by controlled breathing or autogenic training you will recover mental, body and skin health. Even the typical facial expressions of anxiety and sadness, such as pouting and arched eyebrows, contribute to the birth of expression lines.


Now that you know what these errors are and how to solve them, you just have to try and observe the results... and don't forget to check our Chinese New Year Sale on


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