Back to Italy: my traveling routine with pure mulberry silk

Back to Italy: my traveling routine with pure mulberry silk

By Alessandra Zappaterra

Back to Italy: my traveling routine with pure mulberry silk

We told you how silk is the best product to sleep with and we have already listed all the best qualities that a hypoallergenic silk pillowcase  has compared to a normal cotton pillow.

But what to do if our work often takes us abroad? Especially, what happens to our skin when we get on a plane?

With no doubt if you travel long distances you will feel your skin tired and dry. This normally happens because the air we breathe in the airplane has less than 20% humidity. We calculate that the average percentage of humidity we have at home is generally over 30% (and, in Hong Kong, much higher than 30%!). The effects of dry cabin air can be felt immediately. In fact, it can happen to have headaches, nausea and a feeling of tiredness.

Even eyes, throat and skin suffer greatly. Who suffers from dermatitis like me, there is immediately the hateful feeling of tight skin. For this reason it is advisable to travel without make-up, to frequently apply a good moisturizer, a face oil or a hyaluronic acid serum on face and neck. You can also spray thermal water often and drink only water (alcohol and caffeine have of diuretic effects that increase dehydration). It is also very useful to include in your “in flight” beauty routine for very long journeys, some moisturizing, illuminating and decongestant eye patches. They have to be applied when needed or a couple of hours from landing. In this way we will not only help to deflate the bag and soften the eye, but the eye area will be more relaxed, illuminated and hydrated, helping to make us look less sleepy and tired. Furthermore, for this reason, we recommend using a pure silk pillowcase even when traveling. 


Silk pillowcase

In fact, this week I’m flying back to Italy and, to avoid my mother accusing me of being "tired and run down” every time we meet in Milan Malpensa after 12-hours flight, I will take my silk satin pillowcase on the plane, trying to sleep and let my skin breathe. In fact, remember that silk, compared to other products, retains better moisture, especially for those who have dry skin, this is a real blessing. Also, silk pillowcase is much better for acne so, experience the benefits of silk even in flight!


New product coming: silk mask for sleeping!!! Coming sooooooooon!


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