Good night, sleep tight with luxury silk bedding sets

Good night, sleep tight with luxury silk bedding sets

By Alessandra Zappaterra

Good night, sleep tight with luxury silk bedding sets

Today we are talking about dressing an apartment. I've always been a big fan of interiors since I was a child. I was used to spend my summer after school in a very small town close to the Alps with my grandparents. Our house was very small but we were surrounded by big villas building sites. It was during the 80s and the 90s and, at that time, it was very easy to break into these building sites to have a look. That was the moment I realized I will always love interiors... But, is it easy to find your perfect home? Absolutely not!

It is a very hard job to find a house that belongs to us, that reflects our qualities, our taste and our desires. When finally you find it, immediately after the first enthusiasm, you dive into an endless series of questions like "how to furnish it?", "Which colors to choose?" And "how to give a house a personal touch in order to turn it into a home with personality? ".

Personally, I have never loved those flats full of design objects that can be recognized at a glance. I have always loved, however, those particular houses, which bear the imprint and style of those who live there; those apartments that often contain vintage, contemporary and ethnic objects. The houses that tell a story.

This is how I have always approached the furnishing of the houses where I lived. In my house I brought myself, my memories, my travels, the colors and the fabrics that I bought while traveling around the world and that, in one way or another, gave my home a strong and elegant personality: a personality that reflects mine.

Milan living room

In addition to the objects collected during countless trips around the world, I have always loved fabrics. Silk, that has always been a great source of inspiration, is the protagonist. it gives immediate elegance to every corner, but also it‘s good for every season.

When we think of silk we "feel" and imagine something smooth, light, soft that slips away. But silk also insulates from heat and cold, leaving the skin to ooze. A silk bed sheet is therefore a very suitable solution as well as an experience to try. Therefore, to give a stately and romantic touch to your room, you could embellish the bed with silk bed sheets and silk pillow cases.

My Milanese apartment, dating back to the beginning of the last century, is characterized by very high ceilings and decorated with stuccos representing flowers and fruits. In such an environment, very bright and spacious, I chose a dark gray for the walls, a very fashionable and elegant color that can be even more refined by dressing the bed with a set of pink or white mulberry silk sheets or, why not, two colors set.

Another color that sounds perfect with gray is teal green (Pantone eggshell blue). It is very relaxing and ideal for resting after a busy day in the office or traveling. 

In the end I can say that silk, together with colors and light are the best features that can make our flat looking elegant and luxury! So, enjoy!


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