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Beyond mulberry silk beddings and silk pillow cases, now silk kimonos are ready to set the show of care and fashion together!

embroidery kimono silk

In these months we have talked a lot about how silk bedding sets help us in everyday life to fight the signs of aging, to regulate our body temperature during the night and how luxury hypoallergenic pillows improve our hair and skin.

But mulberry silk, from the beginning, was used to manufacture the clothes of the richest people, the most beautiful and expensive of the time.

The ultimate silk garment, in my opinion, is Kimono. But, what do we really know about this wonderful garment? What are its origins and how did it evolve?

Kimono, literally means “thing to wear", is a traditional Japanese dress. Originally, this word was used for every type of dress but, later on, Kimono was conceived as the long dress still worn today by people of both sexes and all ages. It is a T-shaped dress, with straight lines, which reaches up to the ankles, with a collar and long sleeves. The sleeves are usually very wide at the wrists, up to half a meter. Traditionally, unmarried women wear kimonos with extremely long sleeves that reach almost to the ground, called furisode.


The history and development of the kimono have been strongly influenced by the traditional Chinese clothing of the Han people, called hanfu, thanks to the Japanese embassies in China in the fourth century. However, starting from the 8th century, the Chinese costume became popular in Japan and, during the Heian period (794–1192), the kimono began to change and became more and more similar to the current one.

From ancient times to today, kimono and its use have changed a lot, while maintaining some traditional distinctive features such as the T-shape, the wide and long sleeves and the belt at the waist.

Why does the modern kimono continue to be successful? What is its main feature? I can say, it’s a successful garment because it’s super versatile. It can be used as a dress in the long version, as a tunic or as a spring jacket. This is the reason why, soon, I will show you a very particular collection of silk kimonos. They look modern but also very close to the Japanese tradition. To carry out this project, I joined an Italian friend, the painter and tattoo artist, Max Brain.

la blonde gitanela blonde gitane

Max has created a series of designs inspired by Japan that will be hand-embroidered on four kimono models, all different from each other. I can't wait to see the finished product ready to wear, and you?

Silk kimonos coming soon !!!

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